The Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange(CBYX) is an exchange organised by the german Bundestag. The students are “ambassadors”, because in the US they have to show the american people the german culture. The exchange year is financed by an full scholarship. But til I´m in the US it´s a long way.


First, you have to do the written apply. Then you get an invitation for a selection day. My was at the 19. November. There we had to write a test about Germany. The questions were about all of Germany, from number of federal states to single politician. Then we write an english test. This test was about reading and listening comprehension. After this test we started with long discussions. A tip, discuss with the people around you and try to find together a solution. The day ends with one-on-one interviews.

After this selection day the caregiver select three of the candidates. The assemblyman of the constituency select only one of the three candidates. But if you have the scholarship, it isn´t over. You have to do the online apply, which includes a letter to the host familys. With the online apply, the host families look for their exchange student. This can take time til August or September.

After you were selected(can tke time til Januaryor February), you get the invitation to the preparation week. My was the first time in Berlin, but there was no time to make sightseeing because the programm takes a long time. But during this week you meet a lots of likeable people. At the end of the exchange year you meet them in Washington D.C. again.