State Wisconsin

I will live in Wisconsin.The capital is Madison. The state has 5.686.986 inhabitants and an area of 169.639 kmĀ². The time differences to Germany is / hours. Wisconsin abut on Iowa, Minnessota, Michigan, Illinois. There are about 15.000 lakes in Wisconsin and one of the famous lakes is the lake superior.

The flag:

The coat of arms of Wisconsin shows a quartered golden shield. In the quarters are represented the sectors of the economy of the country: a plow (agriculture), pick and shovel (mining), an arm with a hammer in his hand (production), an anchor (transport). In the middle of the shield, a round heart-shield showing the heraldry and the state motto of the United States. Left and right of the shield, a seaman and a miner. The shield rests on a cornucopia and a pyramid of cannonballs. Above the shield, a badger and a blue banner with the motto of the country: “Forward”.